The PA Vault Door is one of high security door widely accepted in the market, which provide maximum protection for security area in banks, treasury and jewelery store. The UL certificated lock, relock mechanism and drill resistance plates provide burglary resistance to your valuable storage area.
Class I, II, III Vault Door
2 in 1 Vault Doors

- Durable, heavy duty and strong level of protection
- Proven protection against thermal and mechanical attack
- Light muscle power to open door by Pingan self-invented
heavy duty Hinge
- Equipped with Re-locker mechanism and drill resistance
plate to protect from force entry
- Either two of three combination locks door opening
- Stainless steel finish
- Equipped with UL/CEN/VdS certificated lock

- 4 wheel mechanical lock and scrambler
- Electronic Motor Lock by Fingerprint/Pin code/
- Time Lock
- Alarm System